An actual conversation with my Community Studies teacher on Friday last week

  • Teacher: I dont understand why you're all so tired!
  • Me: Because we have to wake up at six AM every day
  • Me: And some of us have sleeping disorders to contend with
  • Me: Or anxiety disorders
  • Me: Or panic attacks that leave us bone tired for an entire day
  • Me: Or depression so severe that the very thought of getting up makes us want to die.
  • Me: Or its because we're awake until five in the morning finishing an assignment for ungrateful teachers
  • Teacher: I know what you mean, I have four other assignments to grade before Friday next.
  • Me: ... You're joking, right? Grading four assignments in a week is nowhere near the same level of stress that we have to deal with. Shut the fuck up with your pity party.
  • Teacher: Please dont swear, or I will have to give you detention
  • Me: Oh? You're just adding to the stress now. You want to know why we're tired? Its because we have to be here, instead of actually getting the right amount of rest we need to function.